Types of ethical investing plus the pros & cons

3 August

The investment technique known as ethical investing prioritises the investor’s moral, religious and social ideals over financial gain. The reason for this is that a growing number of investors have begun to demand social responsibility from the...[Read More]

What is Ethical Investing, how do you do it?

22 June

Investing is typically perceived as a wealthy-only pastime with no regard for the environment or social issues. However, that is not always the case, and the old mindset of making money for its own sake doesn’t need to stay. People have become...[Read More]

Why afternoon siestas could become the norm in 2050

15 February

Starting work earlier in the morning and having a siesta in the afternoon could become the norm in Australia within decades as climate change forces people to adjust their lifestyles based on the price of energy. That is one of the scenarios Monash...[Read More]

Aussies hit electric vehicle speed bumps

16 November

Four in every five Australians have concerns about making the swap to an electric vehicle, new research has found, with price, range and charging issues topping their list of potential speed bumps. The study, conducted by the Consumer Policy...[Read More]

Connecting communities and industry to renewable energy to increase grid security

26 October

Record spending on cleaner, cheaper and more secure energy is a centrepiece of the Labor government’s first budget, but there’s a warning for the industry. The powering Australia plan will provide stability to the grid and certainty for...[Read More]

Current tech could slash emissions by 2030

19 October

Australians could slash carbon emissions by almost double the federal government’s current 2030 target by using six clean energy technologies. Using more wind turbines, solar panels, electric cars with chargers, heat pumps, batteries for...[Read More]

‘Next-generation’ nuclear power a furphy

5 October

Small-scale nuclear power for Australia’s remote mining sites and communities has been dismissed as toxic and too expensive. Research released on Wednesday by the Australian Conservation Foundation found the nuclear option would increase power...[Read More]

Ethical Investing: Types, Pros and Cons

28 July

Ethical investing has been gaining prominence over the last few decades. Find out what makes it an attractive investment strategy in this post. The investment technique known as ethical investing prioritises the investor’s moral, religious and...[Read More]