How smart speakers ‚Äėcould detect domestic violence‚Äô

20 December

Enlisting thousands of smart speakers in Australian homes to detect intimate partner violence could be an ‚Äúunprecedented opportunity‚ÄĚ to help victims, a study has noted. But Monash University researchers found the potential solution was also...[Read More]

Competition launched to name Australian-made moon rover

6 September

Aussie schoolkids could play a part in the nation’s first mission to the moon by naming a groundbreaking Australian-made lunar rover. The Australian Space Agency has launched a competition to name the yet-to-be-designed rover, which could land on...[Read More]

Cyber criminals coercing children in their own bedrooms

6 September

A large amount of child abuse material is made in a victim’s own home through devices and games, prompting calls for technology companies to do more to stop criminals. One in eight reports of child sexual abuse material involved criminals coercing...[Read More]

Female scientists overlooked in school curriculums

30 August

The accomplishments of female and non-European scientists have been overlooked in Australian school curriculums, prompting concerns about a lack of role models for students. Researchers examined textbooks used in every state and territory and found...[Read More]

Hydrogen policy revamp needed to cut truck pollution

23 August

Australia needs to ramp up policies and plans to fuel hydrogen trucks or will risk being lapped by the rest of the world in cutting emissions from heavy transport, a report has warned. The CSIRO study, released on Monday, also warns Australia needs...[Read More]

Program deadly serious about sparking science passion

16 August

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are being recognised as early innovators during National Science Week, but contemporary knowledge is slipping. First Nations people have been using science since time immemorial for activities and tools...[Read More]

Firms works on ‚Äėtransformative‚Äô Alzheimer‚Äôs blood test

16 August

A Scottish research firm is teaming up with a global leader in diagnostic technology for what is hoped to result in a ‚Äútransformative‚ÄĚ new blood test that would allow doctors to identify Alzheimer‚Äôs disease earlier. Edinburgh-based Scottish...[Read More]

Scientists floored as seals hit new Antarctic depths

9 August

Deep-diving seals have shed new light on the depths of Antarctic waters, with some travelling one kilometre below what was previously thought to be the ocean floor. Data from more than 557,000 dives beneath the East Antarctic Shelf, an area where...[Read More]

Intelligence urged to publicly call out misinformation

2 August

Australian intelligence agencies have been urged to publicly call out online misinformation that threatens the country’s national security. A parliamentary committee has recommended the head of ASIO consider more opportunities to come out against...[Read More]

Social media giants on notice over foreign cyber threat

2 August

Social media giants have been put on notice they should make themselves more transparent and subject to Australian laws or face large fines or even bans. An inquiry into foreign interference found popular platforms were being used to watch and...[Read More]

Customer loyalty put to the test as scam targets points

26 July

Scammers are using cost-of-living pressures to prey on loyalty program members. The consumer watchdog’s National Anti-Scam Centre has detected a a sharp rise in loyalty program scams following 209 reports to Scamwatch during the past four...[Read More]

Scientists zero in on worst prostate cancer cases

19 July

Three new biomarkers for prostate cancer have been identified to help pinpoint potentially aggressive cases of the disease. Led by University of South Australia molecular medicine expert Doug Brooks, an international team of scientists made the...[Read More]