Welcome to our articles hub

Updating our website has provided us with the opportunity to review its purpose and how it fits in with the services that we provide.

The client portal has assumed an increasing role over recent years and each client’s personal hub on that service is now where all advice, strategy and investment related information is permanently stored.

When planning the website update, one of our objectives was to broaden its focus beyond strictly financial matters. Over the coming years we believe that holistic financial planning services will encompass a broader approach and in particular, have a greater focus on the link between financial and personal wellbeing. To that end, we decided on having a section of the website dedicated to health, lifestyle and wellbeing. To be able to provide articles in this area, we have engaged the services of an external organisation and the bulk of the articles will either be sourced or written by them. We also have the ability to add our own articles to the feed as we wish (such as this one).

We will also provide clients with the opportunity to contribute articles relating to the topics ‘health, lifestyle and wellbeing’. If this may be of interest, please feel welcome to contact our team.

New articles will be published every Thursday, and an email will also be sent out each month highlighting some of the more interesting or important articles. Not all of the articles will be of relevance to everyone, but we trust that you will find something of interest among the topics which are covered.

We hope you enjoy the new articles section and would welcome your feedback about this exciting addition to the website.



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