Welcome to our articles hub

30 November

Updating our website has provided us with the opportunity to review its purpose and how it fits in with the services that we provide. The client portal has assumed an increasing role over recent years and each client’s personal hub on that...[Read More]

Client spotlight: Client John M provides their insights into being a mentor for the TAC L2P program

18 April

One of our clients John M. is a mentor for the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) L2P Program which is a community based program developed to assist eligible young Victorian learner drivers between the ages of 16 and 21 years who do not have access...[Read More]

Client Spotlight: Jasper C’s Passion Project – The Tall Ship ‘Alma Doepel’ & Youth Development

23 January

Our client, Jasper C, is passionately involved in supporting youth development on the Tall Ship Alma Doepel that is under restoration at the Docklands, Melbourne to enable the resumption of voyages.  The ship also is being modified to enable young...[Read More]

Ed’s favourite podcast…

7 February

Every now and then we would like to highlight articles or media that we believe our clients may find of interest and are aligned with the health, lifestyle and wellbeing focus of this article section. This week we would like to discuss ‘Healthy...[Read More]

Top 10 Essentials for Lifelong Health and Wellness

16 May

Creating a sustainable approach to health and well-being involves habits and practices that enhance physical, mental, and emotional health over the long term.  Here’s a top 10 list to help maintain ongoing health and well-being: Balanced...[Read More]

Harmonising Life: Ten Tips for Achieving Mindful Work-Life Balance

9 May

Work-life balance is a highly personal and continuously evolving quest. It’s about managing your professional and personal lives in a way that minimizes stress and maximises well-being.    This balance isn’t one-size-fits-all; what works for...[Read More]

Top international destinations for retirees to visit

9 May

If you’re an Australian or British retiree, retirement is the perfect time to travel the world and explore the places you’ve always wanted to see. Travelling may lead to much more than just a relaxing vacation, too. Seeing the world in your 50s,...[Read More]

Top 10 Strategies to Boost Brain Power and Enhance Mental Agility

2 May

Keeping your mind sharp and agile is crucial for managing the demands of daily life and work, enhancing problem-solving skills, and ensuring long-term mental health.    Here are the top ten tips for sharpening your mind:   Exercise Regularly:...[Read More]

With Love and Legacy: Guiding Our Aging Parents with Compassion and Care

25 April

Watching a parent age and come to terms with their diminishing independence is a profound and emotional journey, one that blends love, duty, and at times, uncomfortable pragmatism.    As children, the shift from being cared for to caring for is a...[Read More]

‘Why not walk?’ Google Maps to roll out green features

25 April

Google Maps will politely pester Australian travellers to take public transport or walk to their destination in one of several of green changes introduced to the service to celebrate Earth Day. Users who still intend to drive to their destination...[Read More]

Top 10 Remote Escapes: Journey to the World’s Most Secluded Destinations

18 April

In an increasingly crowded and fast-paced world, the allure of remote travel destinations where one can truly escape the hustle and bustle is more compelling than ever.  Both within Australia and internationally, there are numerous hidden gems...[Read More]

Planning Your Next Chapter: The Benefits and Timing of Transitioning to a Retirement Home

18 April

Transitioning into a retirement home is a significant life decision that involves careful planning and consideration.  As people age, their living needs change, and moving into a retirement home can offer numerous benefits. Here are the top 10...[Read More]