Ed’s favourite podcast…

Every now and then we would like to highlight articles or media that we believe our clients may find of interest and are aligned with the health, lifestyle and wellbeing focus of this article section.

This week we would like to discuss ‘Healthy Living’, a radio show that Ed has been a long term listener of.

So what is Healthy Living?

It is a weekly radio show that has been going for 8 years which has an informative discussion on a range of health-related topics, including interviews with a range of Australia’s leading health practitioners and live talkback calls.

The show is hosted by Dr Ross Walker, who is a leading preventative health expert and a practising cardiologist with 40 years clinical experience. He is the author of seven best-selling books and a regular health presenter in the Australian Media.

The show is broadcast Sunday evenings (usually from 6pm to 9pm but varies across cities and during the football season) across the Nine Radio network including 2GB in Sydney, 3AW in Melbourne, 4BC in Brisbane and 6PR in Perth.

For those that cannot tune in live or prefer the convenience of being able to listen whenever / wherever you would like, the show is also distributed as a podcast (predominantly ad free) which is available at the website linked below. The website also contains the historical episodes.


We trust that you will enjoy the insights and learnings that Dr Ross Walker’s Healthy Living show provides.

If you do have a listen and would like to discuss any of the topics with Ed, please feel free to give him a call or send him an email (via the contact page on here or his personal email).


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